Research shared by three Open Labs at CEA
The ’Prospective Foyer 2030’ workshop has been commissioned by Ideas Laboratory to Atelier Arts Sciences and moderated by Alps Design Lab.

Dates : April 2018
Venue : Maison des Openslabs

Steering :
Overview on the research
By 2020, as forecast by the American research and advisory firm Gartner, there will be over twenty billion connected objects in the world.
Many of them will certainly be designed for our homes. We can see intelligent thermostats as well as connected surveillance cameras coming.
According to a survey by Opinion Way conducted last Spring for the Distree Connect event, security and energy/domotics come in second and third place, right after healthcare, in terms of expectations for connected objects, and far ahead of entertainment.
What will your home look like in 2030 and how will you live in it ?
The goal of this workshop is to offer a vision of what the future household could be.
This intensive workshop will attempt to imagine potential scenarios in the future sparked by reflecting on how we wish it to be, or not to be, and consequently to envision matching scenarios. These scenarios should be regarded as tools for critical thinking to open up discussions and debates.
They ask us to forget about the current state of affairs and to focus on questions about how things could be in tomorrow’s world.

Working groups are organized according to the various questions, video and audio content and shared events to explore different themes such as the ‘soul’ of the household, the extended home, the self and their robot as well as the issue of collective intimacy.

The transformations of the household reflect the mutations in life-style and family set-up at different ages. In the era of new societal trends such as remote work and flatshare the question arises, what forms and roles are reserved for homes in the future ?
The workshop which merged views from artists, design students, firms and researchers projected us into a more or less immediate future to see what our homes could look like.

Our brainstorming evolved around four issues :
The ability of the home to act as a catalyst among people who live there : How can we reconsider relationships even within the same household in a world where everyone turns inward via their phones, social networks, etc.?
External and internal interactions : How to interact with or experience an event remotely ?
The role of the robot in the household : What type of interactions will we have with the increasingly more intelligent objects in our homes ?
Materialization of this ’intelligence’ : What will be the ’soul’ of the home of tomorrow ?

Introduction by the sponsor : Timothée Silvestre, Head of IdeasLaboratory©
The current research is part of ’Prospective Foyer’ project run at Ideas Laboratory in partnership with Atelier Art Sciences and Alps Design Lab. Beyond proposing scenarios and outlining concepts, the main work consists of following the guiding principles that the task groups elaborated. These are powerful ideas that greatly enhance our vision of the home in the future.


Eliane Sausse - Director of the Atelier Arts Sciences
Nathalie Brière - Responsible for relations with scientists CEA
Marjolaine Raffin-Curteyron - Project manager, Atelier Arts Sciences

  • Interaction among members of the household ;
    Embracing the back-pack home
    Feeling at home while mobile
  • The soul of the home
    Symbiotic existence
    A new form of life in 2035
  • Extension of the home
    Immaterial & and material home in 2035
  • Me and my robot.
    A hybrid, modular