Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences settles in Paris from 17th May to 2nd August 2018 at the Maif Social Club, le Lieu, a new place for innovation created by MAIF in the heart of Marais district.

With the exhibition Attention Intelligences!, Atelier Arts Sciences takes on the challenge of imagining and creating an exhibition on the impact of intelligent objects invading our daily lives, our ways of thinking, our intelligence and most importantly, our attention. How to be attentive when we delegate our attention and daily chores to machines? How does our intelligence develop at a time when it shares its existence with so called 'intelligent' machines? Do these intelligent objects change the way we pay attention to others?

In the era of Artificial Intelligence, through this exhibition, Atelier Arts Sciences invites visitors to explore the way our attention takes part in constructing our intelligence and to exchange ideas about this process.
Atelier Arts Sciences assembled 8 artworks, out of which 6 are original, conceived during this time.

A series of questions about the relationship between attention, intelligence and Artificial Intelligence turned the exhibition into a combination of artistic experience, scientific research, experimentation and collective production.

To find out more about the scientific and philosophical content of the exhibition and the questions it raised in our daily lives, our ways of thinking and concentrating... click here!

- Culture box - 24 mai 2018
- Uzbek & Rica - 31 mai 2018
- Télérama - 20 juin 2018
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Links I establish with my environment have an impact on me; how can I become aware of them?
The Soleidoscope (2018) by Yann Nguema, a true optical maze made of glass and light in constant transformation, can demonstrate the complexity of a neural network. This 2D and 3D sculpture screen invites spectators to intervene with hand gestures in the evolution of this neuro-poetic map. The artist uses the database to generate surprise and poetry; will you recognise yourself? If you reverse your movement, will the Fresque #2 (2018) by Lionel Palun recognise you? As you look at it, it starts to move as it follows your eye movement.

The capacity of my attention is limited; what about the attention of machines?
The artwork by Jean Frémiot photographer Sous le socle du monde (Under the foundation of the world) (2013), enquires into how your relationship with machines alters your attention to the world; how these machines connect with the world, and what happens when these machines are gazing at you? These are exactly the questions that one asks oneself when looking at the work by Nicolas Gourault and Antoine Chapon entitled Faces in the Mist (2017); a reversed facial recognition software revealing the limits of this activity.

Am I considerate and caring when I pay attention to something?
To be attentive can also mean being considerate. Does the attention paid to your machines also mean that you care about them? Frédéric Deslias and Laura Couto Rosado invite you to manipulate Ƭi (2018) that reacts to attention paid to it. If you have a caring attitude towards machines, the artwork AI-Kô, Artefact (2018) at the Théâtre Nouvelle Génération, will immerse you in a future world where you assume that humans have disappeared. So what will these artefacts become?

What would a machine look like that, rather than replicating humans' thoughts, would support their existence? Lucie Conjard, THEORIZ Studio, Frédéric Ravatin attempt to find an answer to this question through imagining an artwork as a converging point of all the other ones. Katapsukè – Traverser le miroir (Go through the mirror) is a device blending virtual reality and collaboration that will follow you when you exit the exhibition and help you welcome ideas inspired by the artwork you have experimented with.

Some of these installations have been subject to experimentation at EXPERIMENTA, Arts Sciences Biennale 2018.


- Saturday 19th May
From 2.00 pm - WORKSHOPS: At the opening of the exhibition, Alice Lenay, PhD candidate and researcher-artist proposes workshops where we can measure how far we are from, and how much attention we pay to other people. Registration is required.

- Thursday 24th May
7.00 pm CONFERENCE: Humour, emotion and intelligence: Will robots be humans like others? With Véronique Aubergé, researcher at CNRS, Grenoble Informatics Laboratory (LIG) in social robotics.
9.00 pm SHOW: #Soft Love by Frédéric Deslias

- Thuresday 7th June
7.00 pm CONFERENCE: Geek, tweetos and digital addict : Your attention please! With Yves Citton, theorist and thinker, author of the book "Pour une écologie de l'attention"
9.00 pm SHOW: I click therefore I am! by Thierry Collet

- Thursday 5th July
7.00 pm ROUND TABLE: Magic, fantasy and reality with Maxence Grugier, journalist.

VERNISSAGE in the presence of the artists and the Atelier Arts Sciences team Saturday 19 May from 2pm to 7pm - Free admission.

COPYRIGHTS: Lionel Palun, Yann Nguema, Jean Frémiot, Antoine Chapon and Nicolas Gourault, Laura Couto-Rosado, Nicolas Boudier