Located in Meylan, Isère (France), Hexagone has been a “Scène nationale” since 1989 with a mission to support artistic production and to promote performing arts.
It is an established, artistic production venue of nation-wide reference in the fields of contemporary culture : theatre, dance, music, circus and other emerging forms of art.
it brings to stage and bridges different artistic forms giving priority to contemporary productions.

it contributes to its territory’s (city, department and region) cultural development focusing on new ways of experiencing artistic productions thereby allowing a better integration of art in society.

It has developed a research mission which is incorporated in its contract of objectives for the past four years and it has been brought to life in organizing the Rencontres-i Arts Sciences Biennale and today in the launch of a joint research laboratory with CEA, the Atelier Arts Sciences. This last activity is the result of various interconnected experiences realized during the past few years.

The Hexagone team operates with eighteen staff members and hosts over a hundred shows per year in its 560 seat auditorium with over 30,000 spectators per season from all around the Grenoble area and sells around 2000 season’s tickets.

Two team members are particularly committed to the arts-sciences activity and they work mainly in the offices of Minatec IDEAs Laboratory®.

Jérôme Villeneuve is the new director of Hexagone since 16 november 2021



Founded in 1956 by Professor Louis Néel, Nobel Prize Laureate in physics, CEA Grenoble has been the first technology research centre in the Rhône-Alpes region. Instigating in collaboration with the Grenoble Institute of Technology (INPG) the creation of Minatec, inaugurated in 2006, the CEA-LETI has also been one of their main partners.


Cutting edge innovations in :
– Micro and nano – technologies

- Biotechnologies

- New technologies for energy and nanometals drawing on fundamental research of excellence :

- Materials physics

- Life sciences

Research fields at CEA Grenoble
CEA Grenoble in numbers (2006) : 

• 4200 members including 2,300 CEA employees

• 115 laboratories

• 750 junior researchers under training contract or on post-graduate training

• 63 hectares

• 350 million Euros annual budget

A policy of industrial optimization
• 37 start-ups creating 2,200 direct jobs : Soitec, Tronic’s, Ulis, Intexys, Protein’expert, etc.

• 20 laboratories linked with firms

• 200 patents in 2006
• Certfication ISO 9001 for technological research

About the CEA
A leader in research, development and innovation, the CEA is active in the fields of energy, information and health technologies, defence and national security through its fundamental research of excellence. As a result of the outstanding achievements of its 15,000 researchers and collaborators, CEA – Grenoble is an internationally renowned organisation offering its expertise in a very proactive way to French and European public organisations, institutions and manufacturers.

CEA within the Atelier Arts Sciences

Initiatives arise in abundance at Minatec to incorporate core research into human and social sciences, to boost innovation by bridging sciences, technologies and various other fields and to expand ingenuity in informing and mediating towards a large audience.
To establish communication and exchange on their research programmes with civil society and in particular with the young and to promote its researchers’ innovations and creativity by encouraging their contact with artists, CEA Grenoble has tied closer links with Hexagone to co-found the Atelier Arts Sciences.
This experience is an opportunity for the CEA to put engineers, technologists and scientists in relation with artists and cultural intermediarys for a better understanding of the main societal issues that trigger improvement in sciences, with special focus on micro- and nano-technologies.

Atelier’s missions and objectives are as follows:

  • INNOVATE and CREATE at the crossroads of the arts and sciences
  • ORGANIZE the conditions for fertile meetings between artists and scientists
  • EXPLORE new opportunities for the arts, technology and industry
  • GENERATE questioning and imagination
  • COMPARE experiences and perspectives to enrich each other’s working methodologies
  • ENABLE everyone to build their worldview in the wake of the changes brought about by the advance of scientific knowledge and the use of new technologies.

// OPERATION: residencies
Research residencies and working moments shared by artists and scientists ranging from a few days to several months. Atelier Arts Science works with a team seconded by Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences – Meylan and the CEA Grenoble.

– The residencies are supported by an epistemological monitoring approach. The Atelier Arts Sciences Journals are a “trace” and report on the progress of the work.

– Each residency gives rise to a public system tailored to each subject of research: creation of performing arts events, presentation of a new object, software, methodologies, writers’ texts, etc.


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