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Dialogue with the Grenoble Innovation Club


The Arts and Sciences Workshop held a dialogue with the Innovation Club visiting the Rhône-Alpes region on Wednesday 17 November 2021.

The members of the Innovation Club are French companies involved in innovation. During their visit to the CEA / Y.SPOT ecosystem, L'Atelier presented its...

18 Nov
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Winner of the call for projects: artistic creation and AI


The winner is Magali Desbazeille

The IA project, 45 quick and easy everyday recipes by Magali Desbazeille was unanimously selected by the jury composed of the respective teams of the Quai des Savoirs and the Atelier Arts Sciences /Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts...

22 Oct
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Join Hexagon live from Belgrade...


[AI LAB] Join Hexagon live from Belgrade with its European partners to talk about the crossroads between art and AI today from 3:30 to 7:30 pm on youtube The full programme here

20 Oct
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CALL FOR PROJECTS: artistic creation and AI


The Atelier Arts Sciences, the Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences - Meylan and the Quai des Savoirs - Toulouse have a tradition of welcoming artists in residence and working on interdisciplinary projects that allow them to address issues related to the future. The combined imagination of artists and scientists...

8 Sep
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Call for EXPERIMENTA 2022 projects


As part of EXPERIMENTA, the 2022 Arts Sciences Biennial, the Arts Sciences Workshop is launching a call for applications for EXPERIMENTA, the exhibition to be held in Grenoble from 19 to 22 October 2022 (subject to confirmation). You are an artist, you lead an innovative project at the crossroads of arts, sciences...

3 Sep
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WAVY project


L'Hexagone and the Atelier Arts Sciences are partners in the WAVY project (Wearable hAptics for Virtual realitY) co-financed by the Agence Nationale de Recherche (ANR) and led by CEA List - Saclay. The research focuses on the sensation of touch in...

3 Sep
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Save the date - Rêve party #11


The Atelier Arts Sciences is looking forward to seeing you in the flesh, after the summer, at its Rêve Party #11, on August 26th at 7.30pm! DOWNLOAD THE L'INVITATION

9 Jul
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