Daniel Danis continuously inquires about what shapes our thinking, our imagination, our dreams and finally the way we live. "I do not have a scientific mindset but I am driven by an insatiable desire for an understanding of what really happens when we think, invent, search and discover ; should it be writing a play or making a scientific discovery.” In his art, he experiments and innovates, drawing on findings in science and technology. "Working as a playwright has led me very early to inquire about how inner structures of writing emerge and to find different ways of writing and speaking to the audience. Actually, since I started to write, I have been constantly conducting research, just like a scientist. Meeting the Atelier in Grenoble is a new step in this quest. "

At the end of the residency Daniel Danis will present Traces (provisional title), a sound and poetic installation drawing on numerous encounters with researchers.

Also read > la Revue-i 2013which retraces the highlights of the Arts Sciences Biennial, Rencontres-i 2013, including an article on Traces.

He will be accompanied by actress Eva Daigle.