Multidisciplinary theatre founded in 2010 in Quebec and Charlevoix

A Recto-Verso production in collaboration with Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences - Meylan and the Atelier Arts Sciences (joint research platform between artists and scientists)

Daniel Danis with The Moon Child, opens a new phase in research on the language of multidisciplinary productions. Inspired by a dream, transformed into a story, the Enfant lunaire is a quest towards bypassing or transforming codes of a stage production.

On a white square, a few mechanical objects designed by the artist Julien Maire, trace the lines of an imagined fable on the ground. 
The geometric layout defines the actor’s wandering steps as he unfolds the paper text. Step by step, sheet by sheet, we advance in the story as if we were walking on a large, white, well structured gridded page. 
Little by little, a map of different locations is being designed while mental images come alive through a poignant poem. The "Moon Child", an intimist play, talks about a time of disorder when political as well as economic authorities try to create an impression of fear to control populations, very often through the sacrifice of innocence.