Scientific Exploration Artistic Group
[11 > 13 april 2022] - Session #1 - Toulouse

Le Quai des Savoirs in collaboration with the Atelier Arts Sciences, le MIAI Grenoble ans ANITI,is organising a time of scientific exploration around artificial intelligence for artists. This time of discovery is conceived as a collective immersion between all the participants, both artists and scientists. The objective is to transmit knowledge on the subject of artificial intelligence, provided by the invited scientists, in order to give rise to exchanges and confrontations between scientific and artistic imaginations and collective and individual representations.

Two sessions, two dates, two venues
The GAES is organised in 2 modules.
The first session will take place in Toulouse from 11 to 13 April 2022 at Quai des Savoirs (Allée Matilda 31000 Toulouse)
The second session will take place in Grenoble from 4 to 6 July 2022 at Atelier Arts Sciences (Y.SPOT PARNTERS - 5 Place Nelson Mandela 38000 Grenoble)

11 contemporary artists have been selected: directors, actors, visual artists, photographers, choreographers, digital artists...
They belong to various artistic fields but share a common interest: to deepen their knowledge and confront their representations of artificial intelligence, to nourish their curiosity and their imaginations on this subject.

4 invited scientists: researchers and research institutes of the territory such as the MIAI in Grenoble or ANITI for the Toulouse session, the CEA or the University of Grenoble Alpes.
They intervened to share and transmit their knowledge, to expose their specific research fields, around AI and for the benefit of the artists. Beyond the objectives of transmitting knowledge, they confronted the artists with their representations and opinions on artificial intelligence. Exchange, sharing and debate are the key words of the GAES so that each participant can nourish and develop his or her imagination around artificial intelligence.

The selected themes
Each session will address themes related to artificial intelligence and to the specificities of the territories where it will take place.
For the Toulouse session, the proposed themes will be: AI and neurosciences, AI and work, AI and biology
For the Grenoble session, the issues related to the following themes will be addressed: AI and ecology, AI society and ethics, AI and frugality/sobriety.

Partners: MIAI/Hexagone - CEA et Quai des Savoirs, ANITI
Funding : Fondation Carasso, MIAI, Hexagone/ CEA, Quai des Savoirs/Toulouse Métropole.