[Avril à octobre 22]

Stephane Bissières begins research on the sound of his installation EFFET DE CHAMP which will be presented at EXPERIMENTA, the Arts Sciences 2020 Biennial.

The installation Effet de Champ explores the idea of ​​animating matter through virtual data to evoke artificial life. Through an experiment on nanofluids, electromagnetism and kinetic art, it is also a reflection on the forms of hybridization between mechanics and living things to develop a writing of movement by highlighting the relationships between data and kinetics.

Under the effect of a magnetic field, the ferrofluid gives substance to the data it receives and can be "choreographed". The containers give the illusion of a collection of captive organisms. The multiplication of motifs makes it possible to develop a minimalist ensemble choreography. This project seeks to create an illusion of artificial life, to provoke wonder and questioning in the observer, to give him the feeling of being a witness. The artist, also a composer, here transposes a musical writing mechanism to this kinetic creation by considering this writing in the form of algorithms rather than scores to make a “music for the eyes”.


"The meticulous analysis of objects, whatever their nature, implies taking an interest
in their part of the invisible,to which the contemplation
of the installation Effet de champ (2021)
by Stéphane Bissières invites with magic there.

The uninterrupted ballet of moving dark matter containedin the bottles is due
to nothing other than the forces of the invisible which animate them. (…)

The extreme vivacity of the fluids summons the supernatural.
Without having time to grasp the signs following one another
at full speed, we guess that these are musical phrases addressed only to the gaze."

Dominique Moulon, Artpress N°492, October 2021