Thursday 29 November 2018 

Atelier Arts Sciences organised its 8th Dream Party around a project that is close to its heart: EZRA’s energy challenge!

EZRA shares with us his new dream… To imagine a show with less than 1kWh of energy.

Such a challenge makes it possible not only, on our own scale, to reduce our energy impact and perhaps to build a duplicable method for live performance, but also to enable poetry to travel where it is not normally to be found… within unusual, wild, urban public spaces, forests, building hallways, gardens, industrial sites, the sea or mountains…

At the beginning of the evening, EZRA (beatboxer musician) will propose a performance with Alex Machefel (video artist, sculptor and hacker) … Two builders of sound and visual architectures who collect and make objects that they capture and arrange during a live performance for the pleasure of the eyes and ears… A sensitive and aerial dance about the relationship between music and image.

In the second part of the evening, we will present the challenges of this new energy stake at the crossroads between art and science and will be open to your feedback, questions, ideas, advice… GEG (Gaz et Électricité de Grenoble) will share with you its policy and its ambition in terms of energy consumption.

The “Dream Parties” were designed by Atelier Arts Sciences, a research and creation platform shared by the CEA (French international research centre) and the Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences – Meylan (theatre) in the aim of serving innovation, artistic creation and companies. They are quarterly dynamic gatherings in the Rhône-Alpes region aimed at bringing together artists, scientists and companies around a theme that is meaningful for our societal and economic systems.

These unique evenings are intended to bring together different types of actors who do not usually come together in a network and to give birth to innovative multidisciplinary projects…


– 6.45 pm EZRA & Alex Machefel performance – Music and Video Live Performance

– 7.30 pm Launch and presentation of EZRA’s energy challenge in the presence of CEA researchers

– 8.00 pm Highlighting of entrepreneurial projects and GEG’s approach in the Grenoble area

– 8.15 pm Discussion and sharing over a cocktail