Thursday 7 June 2018

Atelier Arts Sciences arranged a meeting at the Maif Social Club, Le Lieu in Paris for a Dream Party with a very special format: in the heart of the Attention Intelligences! (Attention intelligence!) exhibition designed and imagined by the Atelier, our partner MAIF offers a 3×1 evening: a round table, a show and a cocktail.

This exhibition, which brings together 8 works, 6 of which are original works, explores, in the age of artificial intelligence, the way in which our attention, our ways of being attentive and caring all combine to build our collective intelligence.

This evening is an opportunity to delve deeper into what the exhibition reflects upon: to understand and become aware of what is at stake for us at a time when digital giants, the media, companies, social networks, and everyone else are vying for our attention with warnings and notifications. How do we maintain our ability to concentrate in an age of constant distraction? As artificial intelligence research progresses and finds new applications, are we losing our ability to pay attention to our environment, to others, to our collective social challenges and to ourselves?

The 3X1 evening brings together people who are leading initiatives to stop the spiral of the attention economy. Theorists, entrepreneurs and artists will debate before enjoying a show that mixes mentalism and magic!


– 6pm – 7pm  Meet in the private lounge (upstairs) of the restaurant Les Minimes to share a drink with the Atelier Arts Sciences team.

– 7pm – 8pm Debate & Round-table with:

Yves Citton, professor of literature and author of Pour une écologie de l’attention (2014)
Karl Pineau, co-founder of the Designers Ethiques collective
Tristan Nitot, founder of Mozilla Europe and Chief Product Officer of Cozy

8pm Cocktail aperitif, exchange and co-construction around the projects.

8:30 pm – 9:30 pm Show: Je clique donc je suis by Thierry Collet

A mentalism show bordering between data management expert and magician will make you lose your mind! Are you in a magic show or a science fiction film? Is it your data that the magician is manipulating? Let yourself be carried away by the illusion!

Address of your evening:

Restaurant Les Minimes 36 rue de Turenne, 75004 Paris
Maif Social Club, Le Lieu 37 rue de Turenne, 75004 Paris.