20 june2016

Come and dream about BIG DATA with the Workshop!

Every great project is born from a dream, come and share them!

For their fourth edition, the Atelier Arts Sciences Dream Parties are stopping over in Lyon and will bring together artists, scientists and companies around the issue of data that agitates our minds, transforms our lifestyles and opens up considerable perspectives, but which also encourages us to be vigilant.

Atelier Arts Sciences invites you to the TUBÀ, the place of innovation and experimentation dedicated to smart-cities, and will present a preview of a work by the artist Lionel Palun who, as part of the European Festival project, is designing a work, an interactive and monumental digital fresco, drawn with today’s brushes: video, networks, real-time calculation, the Internet, and data flows. This fresco made of two screens that are geographically remote, makes the data that is captured in real time sensitive… In 2017, the artist plans to install his device between two stations in France and Japan.

Other art and science projects as well as start-up projects from the region will be unveiled and we will cross reference the different points of view to highlight the issues raised for society and citizens.


6.30 pm Welcome of the guests at the TUBÀ

6.45pm – 7.15pm Presentation of the activities of the Atelier Arts Sciences and the latest news from the TUBÀ and Imaginove

7.15pm – 8.45pm Highlighting innovative and decentred projects around data:

– Preview of a prototype of Lionel Palun’s art-science installation Fresque#1.
– Presentation of the Nucleus VR start-up project: data at the service of remote collaborative work, training and simulation with virtual reality technologies.
– Presentation of the ORU installation by the creative studio Théoriz: the city’s energy data transformed into an artistic work
– Presentation of research on smart-cities.

9pm Exchanges and discussions

Address of the evening: TUBÀ – Place Charles Béraudier, 69003 Lyon