3 March 2016

Come and Dream of Energy with the Workshop!

Every great project is born from a dream, come and share them!

For the third edition of the Dream Party, Atelier Arts Sciences proposes an innovative and atypical programme around energy: a board game directed by a theatre company and developed with CEA researchers.

Through this game, the Atelier invites you to re-question your relationship with energy and resources on several levels.

The evening is part of a residency, a research and creation project led by Atelier Arts Sciences, which brings together artists, scientists and technologists around the question: how can we imagine tomorrow’s energy? Thanks to the work of a theatre company, a playwright and a science-fiction writer, the aim is to move away from catastrophist or moralistic discourses so that, tomorrow, each citizen can successfully understand and embrace these challenges and the new energy technologies that are emerging.


– Preview reading of an extract from the short story by Danielle Martinigol, science fiction writer.
– Participatory and citizen game proposed by the n+1 group.
The game “change the world” is a board game played in teams. Based on a number of energy-related problems, you will have to come up with action projects, change something in yourself, at home, in your work and in your neighbourhood.

The Tenerrdis cluster is supporting this event. The Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation is a partner of the Energy residency, led by Atelier Arts Sciences.