28 March 2017

Every great project is born from a dream, come and share them!

On March 28, 2017, Atelier Arts Sciences organised an appointment at the Totem, Digital Grenoble for its Dream Party #5.

Artists, scientists, companies, we invite you to ask yourselves questions with us about perception and visual perception in particular. Numerous tools and objects currently disturb, enrich or upset our perception in our daily lives. Microoleds, virtual reality or augmented reality, holography, 3D, eye-tracking are all systems for interaction and the production of new images that undeniably influence our perception of reality, our perception of ourselves and the world around us, and which therefore deserve a closer collective look…

This Dream Party will be the opportunity, as always, to highlight and cross-reference projects by artists and entrepreneurs on this theme.

The artist Thomas Pachoud will propose, with a dancer, an artistic performance around visual disorders thanks to a screening process with laser light. As for Pauline De Chalendar, she will present two artistic creations which are each based on distinct technologies: microoleds and virtual reality, but which both question the border between the real and the virtual, what we are given to see or not see… The startup Motion Recall will shed light on its revolutionary virtual reality device. For each presentation, the neuroscientist Théophile Ohlmann will shed light on the perception processes at work in the human brain.


7.30 pm Welcome of the guests at the Totem, Digital Grenoble

7.45pm – 8pm Presentation of the activities of the Atelier Arts Sciences Workshop and the latest news from Digital Grenoble

8pm – 8.45pm Showcasing of innovative and decentred projects around visual perception with lighting by the neuroscientist Théophile Ohlmann:

– Discovery of the arts sciences project Place du Chahut by Pauline De Chalendar around microoled technology…
– and the A main levée project on virtual reality
– Presentation of the Motion Recall startup project

– 8.45pm Artistic performance of Ascension by the artist Thomas Pachoud with the dancer Jonathan Ber

9.15 pm Exchange and discussions around a cocktail reception