[Sept 20 to Dec 21]

Artist Yann Nguema will create a work for and in an immersive approach during his residency. The  ATOM project, devised for immersive environments in stereography, is based on exploring a complex geometry figure belonging to Polytopes 4D. Research will initially build on the brand-new hardware belonging to CEA/Y.SPOT: SIRCE. This is a multi-surface bas-relief projection space made possible thanks to 3D glasses created by Frederic Ravatin.
The first phase of the project consists of an exploration of the tool and the creation of a 360°/3D animation using images of a complex geometric figure, a 4D polytope.
The second phase will entail producing a new, lighter and more mobile 360/3D system for release and the construction of the media server to read the 3D contents.