26 August at 7.30 pm

At each Dream Party, we propose innovative meetings and invite you
to explore a theme that brings together artists, entrepreneurs, researchers and companies.

For this edition on the LIVING, we will welcome, in collaboration with La Casemate, the famous writer Camille de Toledo who will be in Grenoble for an exploratory residency on earthly elements with the company les n+1, and a writing workshop with IHEST alumni.

The author of Thésée, sa vie nouvelle – in the running for the latest Goncourt – will be accompanied by actress Anissa Zerrouki for an anticipatory performance-reading of Les Témoins du Futur.

This story, set in 2050, invites us to rethink our relationship with the natural elements and to imagine a future era in which a river has a legal personality that at last gives it the right to take action against those who harm it…

These fictions, which may seem remote, are a lively way of calling into question our habits and ways of thinking. Camille de Toledo’s fictions have an incredible impact that encourages us to act, now, in the present, for tomorrow.


– Reception at 7.30 pm at La Casemate – 2 place Saint-Laurent – Grenoble

– Presentation of the Terrestre (earthly elements) residency with the group n+1 and Atelier Arts Sciences

–  The Les Témoins du Futur performance

– Time for a discussion over a drink