This project will be revealed at EXPERIMENTA 2018. A prototype will be presented in parallel with the ARTEFACT show/installation which will be staged at MC2.
The research is aimed at creating a one-of-a-kind visualization, based on anamorphic mirroring effects, while also working on an optic design to handle image projection.

This research was sparked from the ARTEFACT show which investigated perception of reality through questioning the relationship with objects.

Can we imagine that objects might use humans for their reproduction? The audience is invited for a stroll around a new sort of puppet theatre combining an optical theatre, 3D printer technology and robotics, in order to be transformed into a living stage organism with Artificial Intelligence nourished by its relationship with humans and keen on theatre!
Artefact is a unique venture that challenges our perception of reality by enquiring about our relationship with objects, questions the place of theatre in our current world and anticipates the hypothesis of the disappearance of humanity...!
Are we actors or spectators in the world in the making?
A powerful and sensory experience to share!