[Octobre 20 à octobre 22]

Echoing other technology-focused research residencies at Atelier Arts Sciences in Grenoble, artists, scientists and citizens were invited to explore together the imaginations of our relationship to the Earth and the living. How do scientific research, technological innovation, industrial production, and our consumer methods take into account life and the living? How do these new imaginative approaches help and enable us to consider the various entities that make up life in our human activities?
These collective moments for research, exploration and reflection will lead to artistic proposals for EXPERIMENTA, the Arts Sciences 2022 Biennale.


Step 1 - L’École du risque – 3-4, 9 and 10 October 2020
Over a 48-hour period, a dozen curious people from a very diverse background, lovers of theatre and/or cross-fertilisation, shared their vision of risk.
Step 2 - Meeting/interviews with scientists and community leaders on the issue of the living - February 2021
Step 3 - Land Expedition Day that brought together all the people met in February / Thursday 26 August 2021
a bike expedition in the region and more specifically on the banks of the Isère accompanied by author Camille de Toldeo, associated with the constitution of the Loire parliament.
+ Discussion/feedback on Saturday, 28 August at the Arts Centre.
Step 4 - a research creativity residency week scheduled for December 2021
Step 5 - a research creativity residency week in March 2022
Step 6 Last stage of creation and public report in October for EXPERIMENTA, the Arts Sciences 2022 Biennial