A monumental fresco in public places between France and Japan....
The electro-video artist Lionel Palun proposes with Fresque#1 a monumental fresco, broadcasted through two giant screens located in public places - one in France, the other one in Japan.
The artwork will bring into resonance these two distant places through a video feedback principle -one of the artist’ trademark - mingling infinitely as mirror images two simultaneous video recordings from both countries. What can arise between these spaces inhabited at different times of their respective lives, taking into account the time lag?
Train station, airports and other public places are places of transition, of expectation, where it is common to dive into a solitary activity, isolating ourselves from others. The device will allow passers-by to participate randomly to an experience that puts them in connection with people in the same situation but geographically distant. What we are building here is a form of co-presence. The work is thus both similar and different between the two countries, playing with the illusion and contemporary myth of

...playing with urban data to which it gives shape...


Fresque#1 is an interactive digital fresco that Lionel Palun creates with today’s brushes: video, networks, real-time algorithm, the Internet and data flow. Several types of data will indeed be used to generate in real time
an abstract visual score that will modulate the loop of images between France and Japan.
Fresque#1 proposes thus a sensitive approach of the data via a shared and hybrid image, which materialize into an artistic form an urban breath, the invisible threads pulled by the city. Lionel Palun questions us through this artistic installation on the poetry that can emerge from human and data flow that intermingle.

...and inhabitated by passers-by with whom it interacts.

This evolutive and abstract fresco will also be populated by the audience as it passes by. The artwork indeed feeds with the silhouettes from travelers as well as from elusive appearances of portraits that are being randomly captured and that immediatly scatter into a system of particles that follow the people’s movement. The audience thus becomes the artistic raw material of this artwork, bringing it into life by its own presence and driving its evolution.

An artistic installation generated through an arts & sciences research process

The consortium of Europe + Japan project FESTIVAL has invited Atelier Arts Sciences to join this project through the organization of an arts & sciences residency with the artist Lionel Palun.
The project Fresque #1 was imagined within this collaboration.
FESTIVAL is a collaborative project (Nov.14-Oct.17) led by CEA-Léti and gathering 7 Japanese partners and 7 partners from Europe (France, Italy and Spain) and supported by the European Commission (H2020 project).

FESTIVAL project’s vision is to provide IoT experimentation platforms providing interaction facility with physical environments and end-users, where experimenters can validate their Smart ICT service developments in various domains such as smart city, smart building, smart public services, smart shopping, participatory sensing, etc.

Creation/Touring : The artwork will be created in Nov. 2017 between France and Japan.

First prototypes connecting two nearby places have been created and presented successively in Tuba (Lyon – June 20th 2016), EXPERIMENTA Fair (Grenoble, 5-8 October 2016).

The artwork has also been designed to be adapted and presented afterwards in several places and festivals, recreated each time according to the spaces it will invest and connect. The artistic installation will thus embody, in a certain extent, the identity of the cities or districts that will welcome it.

Artistic direction / 720 Digital
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Production / Atelier Arts Sciences
Marie Perrier -
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