Research residency in four CEA research institutes, from November 2009 through October 2010

Valérie Legembre's residency at CEA-Grenoble offers a genuine testimony to the world of research and technologies as well as to today's scientific investigations.

Four CEA institutes accept to open their doors, their research space and their worlds:
INAC, LETI/DTBS, LITEN/INES in Chambéry and ARC NUCLEART. They do this in order to host Valérie Legembre, graphic artist's residency alongside her approach via these institutes' professional spaces.

More information on the residency: www.resi-exeo.fr

Nayla Farouki and Christian Ruby, philosophers, followed the residency's progress. Read their observations in the Cahiers de l'Atelier n°3 Cahier de l'Atelier n°3 tracing the residency and published at the end of 2010.

EXEO - Valérie Legembre by Atelier-Arts-Sciences