Tuesday 5 March 2019

For its 9th Dream Party, Atelier Arts Sciences is tackling an unusual theme: burn-out!

A gathering around the show entitled La Montagne by the artist Guillaume Mittoneau.
Atelier Arts Sciences proposes to meet at the Hexagone Scène Nationale – a first for a Dream Party – and to focus on a phenomenon that runs through our contemporary working world, a reflection of an era in which the digital transition is accelerating our interactions, our demands, our ways of thinking, doing, producing or communicating.

La Montagne is a bit like the story of Guillaume Mittoneau… A company director stands before shareholders to present his project. Because of the pressure he is under, he suffers from burn-out and then tries to regain control. The more he struggles, the more he loses his footing. The moment turns into a nightmare. He then decides to climb the mountain and take stock of his situation in order to change his life. Today’s world is a constant social trial: having to speak in public is inevitable, one day or another. To master this art is to control one’s social position.

A physical and sensitive performance, this show is a tragicomic burlesque fable, which mixes dance, theatre, mime and clowns.

At the end of the show, doctors, theorists and company directors will come and interact with the artist around a cocktail reception.