[September 20 to october 2022]

Collectif Or NOrmes - Christelle Derré
Research and rehearsals for this future creation took place in the immersive room at Atelier Arts Sciences, which made it possible to display images of the Shangri-La comic on its four sides along with multi-point broadcasting of the audio. This creation is part of a broader project by the company: a three-stage transmedia approach that includes a concert, a smart fiction and a virtual reality narrative experience.

The artistic team works in SIRCÉ on a virtual reality experience that it wishes to develop for April 2021. The show/concert will be played during EXPERIMENTA, the Arts Sciences 2022 Biennale.

Shangri-La is a science fiction comic book written by Mathieu Bablet in 2016. The narrative is based on a dystopia, time-travel, space, consumerism, racism, the absence of individual liberties, genetic manipulation, and the desire to rebel. 
Christelle Derré and her team from the Or Normes collective, whom you discovered at the last two EXPERIMENTA events, have worked on their new creation Shangri-La, an immersive concert that will plunge the public into the comics world thanks to an installation of four giant screens arranged in a cube. The vignettes of the cartoon will be projected and set to music by a group of live musicians.


Creative residency in January 2021 at Atelier Arts Sciences

The Or Normes collective worked on the immersive concert Shangri-La.
Christelle Derré, GYOMH and Estelle Grimaud were at the controls until January 20 in the Atelier’s immersive room.

In addition, the company is developing a transmedia project, a smart fiction and a virtual reality story that will also be created before and after the concert. 
A Umanimation/collectif Or Normes, Hexagone Scene Nationale Arts Sciences/Atelier Arts Sciences, Theater d’Aurillac co-production.