AI LAB RESIDENCY – Rocio Berenguer

The artistic project
G5 interspecies is a show that will be presented at the Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences in Meylan as part of the EXPERIMENTA biennial in February 2020. For her research and the development of her creation, Rocio Berenguer returns to the Atelier Arts Sciences for a residency. This residency is part of the "European Artificial Intelligence Lab" project co-funded by the Europe Creative programme by the European Union. For this project, she is working in collaboration with Leopold Frey.

The residence will result in 2 objects: a show presented at the Hexagone as part of the EXPERIMENTA biennial and a device presented at EXPERIMENTA, the Fair.

Rocio Berenguer, a trans-disciplinary artist, unites actress, director, playwright, dancer and choreographer in her professional career. Artistic Director of the Pulso company, where she deploys her universe in her creations with an approach to body dramaturgy and new media. In these creations she explores the cross-fertilization between different disciplines. Currently she focuses on writing arts/science projects where the dramaturgy of the work integrates new technologies as part of the writing process.

"I dream of a real dialogue between species. In this fantasy, the different terrestrial species finally gather around a table to decide on their future. To negotiate their co-existence on earth. Terrestrial and extraterrestrial political economies will be the subjects of this debate. Sharing of resources, territories and exchanges between species. Which species will dominate the earth in the coming years? The cyborg? The vegetable kingdom? Mineral? Animal? Human? G5 wishes to discuss these questions with the representatives of each kingdom, its ambition: To build the first interspecies G5. A public event, a live television debate on the future of species. »
The show aims to use science fiction to try another possible scenario for our future. What utopias can we still build? Connected plants, animal-cyborgs and dancers will inhabit the scene between bacteriological attacks and political discourse. A debate on the possibilities of collaboration, fusion, determination, autonomy and independence between these different kingdoms.

An interspecies communication system controlled by an AI (Iagotchi). For all these species to communicate, Rocio Berenguer proposes to create a tool that is capable of creating understanding : an AI.
The AI acts as a translation bridge between the different signals of each species. The problem is to translate the right signals into a language that each species can understand. The main issue is communication. How can we be understood without risking anthropocentrism?

Researchers associated to this project:

In order to better understand how different realms communicate with each other, and to transcribe precisely these communications, Rocio Berenguer is currently meeting many researchers within her residency.

She met so far following reseachers :
Véronique Aubergé (UGA)
Darja Dubravcic (CEA)
Bertrand Delezoïde et Gaël de Chalendar (CEA List)
Pierre Beck (IPAG)
Henri Claude Nataf (ISTerre)

6th "Speech Study Day" conference
in collaboration with Rocio Berenguer - Nancy, France, 08-19 June 2020, as part of the residency in collaboration with CEA List.


Co-financé par le programme Europe créative.