Fresque #2 is part of the FESTIVAL ( collaborative project between Europe and Japan (November 2014 - October 2017) comprising demonstrations and experiments of intelligent services related to information technology and communication in urban areas. The project that was led by CEA with sponsorship from the Europe H2020 programme, involved 7 European partners from France, Italy and Spain, and 7 Japanese partners. The aim of the FESTIVAL project was to provide a platform for experimenting with connected objects that end-users were able to test and use in real-life conditions, thereby helping advance the development of these services. The FESTIVAL consortium decided to involve Atelier Arts Sciences in this project and set up an art science residency with Lionel Palun electro-videographer throughout the entire duration of the European project.

Fresque #2 is an extension of the installation Fresque #1, developed within the framework of the Europe-Japan FESTIVAL where Lionel Palun was an associate artist. The installation will be presented at the EXPERIMENTA LE SALON in 2018 in the form of an in-situ behavioural psychology laboratory. Researchers will analyse the role of constraints induced by reinforcement contingencies by means of detecting and following facial behavior in real time. Spectators will be actively involved in a scientific experiment where their behaviour, facing the installation, will change the installation and thereby their own perception.

Project partners : ATELIER ARTS SCIENCES, CEA, HEXAGONE SCENE NATIONALE ARTS SCIENCES - Consortium of the European FESTIVAL project, University of Lille 3 - Conseil Départemental de l'Isère - 720 Digital. With the support of the SCAN fund.