The EZ3kiel group was in residency at the Atelier Arts Sciences for over two years with two research projects :
- Developing a communicating object : The Balloon
- An interactive exhibition : Poetic Mechanics


The EZ3kiel musicians, in residency at the Atelier Arts Sciences and in collaboration with the CEA-LETI research engineers, worked jointly on an interactive object, which could communicate with the audience. A balloon equipped with MEMS sensors (accelerometers and magnetometers) used at certain points of the concert allows the generation of sound and image according to movements triggered by the audience.

Teams : Scientists and Artists

Scientists :
- Angelo Guiga, Senior Technician
Laboratory of Micro and Nano System-based Material Functionalisation-CEA

Balloon Project Director :
- Philippe Klein, engineer, Laboratoire SYMCA - CEA
- Yanis Caritu, iengineer, MOVEA
- Dominique David, engineer, CEA-Service MOC