WAVY project

L’Hexagone and the Atelier Arts Sciences are partners in the WAVY project (Wearable hAptics for Virtual realitY) co-financed by the Agence Nationale de Recherche (ANR) and led by CEA List – Saclay. The research focuses on the sensation of touch in virtual reality (haptics). L’Hexagone is the sole cultural partner. It involves the artist and engineer David Alexandre Chanel of Théoriz Studio, which specialises in the design of immersive installations.

The objective is to integrate perceptual illusions through the development of haptic technologies within artistic universes in virtual reality.
These artistic creations will be tested with a variety of audiences, notably at EXPERIMENTA, Le Salon and FORUM 22, which will allow the limits and potentialities of the VR sensory experience to be explored.
The project lasts three years and starts in autumn 2021.

Art and Technology creative studio specialized in the conception of immersive installations and innovative audiovisual shows. Composed of engineers, artists and creative developers, we combine artistic and scientific research to create new types of experiences. From virtual reality to videomapping to robotics, we work with you to imagine relevant and sensitive experiences that tell your story.
They create artistic installations that mix reality, virtuality and poetry. Their works are exhibited all over the world.
At the border between art and science, they explore how new technologies can create new emotions.