Spelaion project

An EXPERIMENTA 2020 residency within the framework of the Vertigo/STARTS European call for project that puts forward a new soft material using embedded systems.

The aim is to create an art installation using e-material developed during the DEAN project at CEA Grenoble. The material is a new type of polymer able to change its form according to relatively slight changes in temperature.

The new material invented by Liten is self-repairing, reversible, conformable, can be sticky, adhesive and malleable depending on the temperature. The challenging part is for it to work at room temperature.

The art installation by the TOAST Collectif will enquire into the human-material relationship. They will not only build a structure with a flexible ceiling made of this e-material but also interact with it via gestures from the audience.

Artists and researchers will present their research at the MIDI MINATEC in Grenoble on 8th March 2019. Information to come on the website.

Artists from TOAST Collectif : Adrien Bardet, Benjamin Muzart, Felix Cote and Simon Fargeot
Scientists : Philippe Coronel and Lionel Picard researchers at CEA Liten