Arts Sciences Workshop with the Renault Group

During the last week, from 15th to 18th May 2017, artists, scientists, designers, industry stakeholders from the Renault group gathered at a workshop instigated and piloted by Atelier Arts Sciences to envision innovative concepts of the future of the automobile in 5 to 30 years’ time.

Moderated by Alps Design Lab, a group comprising Michele Tadini, David Chanel (Theoriz Studio), artists Frédéric Ravatin and Frédéric Deslias, had three days to set up teams (one student in design, one person from Renault group and one CEA scientist) according to their respective expertise and existing artistic productions, to invent features, concepts and services for the car of the future...

Ideas emerged and thrived in the yurt, the immersive room, on the terrace at the Maison des Open Labs, the highway around Grenoble and in the Grenoble cable car ’bubbles’, and by the last day, yielded four imaginative outcomes, each holding promising perspectives for the Renault group !