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PIXEL MOTION - Research project

Research Project

Pixel Motion is a dynamic, three-dimensional toolset of bright spots of light playing on each and everyone’s sensitive perception of light. It was designed as a huge, stage-size "table-cloth" of luminous spots, deformable in space. Each luminous spot can move very quickly or rather slowly within the range of a seven-meter high vertical line. Under remote control in real-time, Pixel Motion allows to capture light in an unprecedented way intertwining sculpture, lighting and a 3D-screen.
It will be composed as a structure of 16 elementary, autonomous, 8x8 modules, involving 64 electronic units, each one equipped with a motorized system, a cable, and a battery. A dedicated computer is responsible for direct and wireless control of vertical movements and each pixel’s colour. It also allows for interfacing sound with images during the show.
Two teams collaborate, one working on the mechanical aspects, the other one on the electronics aspects of the project.
Thanks to various technologies developed at CEA, a first prototype was designed in June 2013.

• Optics : optical diffuser, controlling the intensity, temperature and colorimetry of each pixel, a wireless transmission for the lighting, autonomous system and a battery recharge system. Mechanics : large scale, independent precision control, limiting oscillation This project’s electronics development has produced a patent on system of the light diffusion within a pixel, allowing its appearance as a luminous spot despite the embedded electronics.
• LED : Léti
• Signal transmission : Léti
• Motor and steering : Léti

The prototype composed of 64 LEDs allowed the programming of an intuitive control software. The software will generate the overall commands enabling the operation of the light system and tools prompted by a series of images that the artist creates.

Challenges and perspectives :
This stage element using mobile and voluminous luminescent sources, is at the crossroads of sculpture, lighting and a screen. The device opens numerous possibilities for adaptations to various events or contemporary art : chandelier, piece of art or a decorative element for prestigious venues or brands, unusual luminous installations for events, receptions or parades.
Searching for supporting funds for carrying out the project as planned by Yann Nguema and Arnaud Doucet is under way. Possibilities of developing a small-scale luminous object for private use is also under investigation.


Team at SPICE Laboratory, CEA

Jean François Ple, Project Manager

Mechanics : Gabriel Thibaud, INSA Lyon

Electronics : Charles-Elie Goujon
managed by Angelo Guiga and Dominique David


Arnaud Doucet - light designer and light technician

Light design, Société atelier lumière, Bordeaux 2001-2012
Light design, EZ3kiel Group, Tours in 2002-2012
Light design and control, Société Spotco, Toulouse 2008-2012

Bacalauréat in Science (major in science and maths 1994-1997)
Bachelor’s degree in Science, Poitiers, 1997-2000
Live performance technician diploma in light design, level 4, code NSF 323t, STAFF Training Centre, Carquefou 2000-2001

Designing and implementing choreography, stage or architectural lighting
Expert in automated lighting

Yann Nguema - musician, graphic and multimedia artist

1998 D.N.S.E.P (Graphic Artist Graduate Degree), Visual Arts Institute, Orleans.
1996 D.N.E.P (Graphic Artist Degree), Visual Arts Institute, Orleans
1994D.E.U.G (Bachelor’s degree in Image and Communication), UFR at Futuroscope, Poitiers
1992 first year of Bachelor’s degree (Science, Maths and Physics)
1991 Baccalauréat C (Science)

Over one thousand concerts as a bass player in the EZ3kiel Group
Five albums and three live DVDs for the EZ3kiel Group

Image et video :
Artwork for eight EZ3kiel albums
Over ten posters and all types of visual supports for the group (advertisement, tee-shirts, stickers...)
"Versus TOUR" live video DVD (montage, authoring and graphic design)
Video projections and interactive design for the group’s live shows
Over ten interview videos with the group
Scenography and live EZ3kiel/Nosfell videos commissioned by the Eurockéennes de Belfort.
Scenography and live Naphtaline Orchestra videos.

Multimedia :
First two EZ3kiel websites
"Naphtaline" Video DVD ROM (winner of the Qwartz Awards 2008 in the "hybrid objects" category ; victory of the electronic music)
Interactive animation for EZ3kiel’s live "Battlefield tour" (music balloon...)
Two applications using the MotionPad in the CEA Grenoble Showroom
Design and production of "Mechanic Poetics" exhibition (ten interactive installations previously showcased at the Palais de la dévouverte in Paris and at the Shanghai World Expo)

Image et video
2001 Visuals for the R.E.M.I.C.S (European Multimedia, Internet Citizen and Solidarity Encounters)
2005 Visuals for the Nordik Impact Festival in Caen
2006 Scenography and three videos presenting the French Ski Federation’s team for the Winter Olympics in Turin.
Snowboard video for the Nokia cellphones.
2007 Cover for Jean Pascal Bosso’s album called "Boîte à musique"
Réalisation de la pochette de l’album Sound Asylum du groupe JMPZ.
Cover for JMPZ group’s Sound Asylum album
Visuals for the 29th edition of the "Transmusicales" festival in Rennes.
2008 Visuals for the 30th edition of the "Transmusicales" festival in Rennes.
2009 Cover for the group Luke’s album called "D’autre part"
Visuals for the 31st edition of the "Transmusicales" festival in Rennes
2010 Visuals for the 32nd edition of the "Transmusicales" festival in Rennes.
2011 Visuals for the 33rd edition of the "Transmusicales" festival in Rennes

Partners : Lille, city of art and the future