Patrons Circle

Art and science are disciplines which follow parallel paths. Customarily opposed to each other, they are kept separate in the common knowledge of society. However, the world cannot be explained through only one of them. They complement each other : science provides necessary tools for art, while art facilitates conveying science to the realm of our senses.

In this context, the Atelier Arts Sciences was envisioned as a meeting platform offering time and space for artists and scientists to carry out research driven purely by their curiosity and investigations.

Since the beginning of its existence, the Atelier Arts Sciences has been financed by its two founding members, Hexagone and CEA. Joined by the CCSTI-La Casemate Grenoble in 2010, they sparked dynamic developments between 2009 and 2012 thanks to European funding.
In October 2012, an Endowment Fund was set up with the aim to further develop their activities through corporate and private support.

Words from our Ambassadors
The Atelier Arts Sciences Endowment Fund is supported by its ambassadors who back our activities and projects giving them an international exposure.

Jean Therme, Director of CEA Grenoble and Director of Technological Research at CEA
"The differences in approach to new technology between an artist and a scientist are not contrary to one another, but rather open new avenues of innovative research."

Sam Guilaumé
, CEO of Movea
"Science is a pale explanation of the beauty that surrounds us. Art gives its interpretation..."

Theodore Zeldin, historian, sociologist, philosopher - Oxford Muse Foundation
"The unpredictable is always there"

Loïc Liétar
- Director and Co-Founder of STnewVentures
"Since technology ultimately succeeds when it addresses emotions, artists, by bringing forward their sensitive world view, can help us explore ways of adapting science to everyday individuals."

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