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The Yurt at the Atelier

A yurt was erected in front of the MINATEC IDEASs LabORATORY® premises during the week between 25 February and 1 March 2013. This event is made up of two projects. The first, supported by the Atelier Arts Sciences who hosts the T de n+1 troupe within the framework of an artist residency, is for the installation of their bivouac from 10 through 14 June 2013. During these few days, the artists being in close contact with the scientists, will take them into this outlandish setting where limits of imagination are expanded through their CCMdlT protocol. 
The second event is supported by the Ideas Laboratory and investigates the possibilities of an autonomous building as a venue for extreme scenarios while exploring ways it can be used and its technical requirements. This project evolves around a venue, disconnected from inputs from traditional networks. It aims at stimulating a systemic thinking process while transforming the building into an ecosystem.