Knowledge capital

Atelier Arts Sciences has concluded a Memorandum of Understanding with Knowledge Capital in December 2016.

Common projects 2017-2018  :
- Collaboration around the arts & sciences residency of Lionel Palun within the Europe + Japan research project FESTIVAL : pairing our two organization for the public presentation of the final artistic installation, Fresque#1.
- Invitation of Knowledge Capital at EXPERIMENTA 2018, the Fair (6-10 February 2018), with 2 artistic projects.

Presentation :
Knowledge Capital is a centre for intellectual creation where people create new values through the interaction of knowledge. It is a core facility in Grand Front Osaka, a new complex in the very central area of Osaka, developed by 12 private companies.

The name Knowledge Capital represents the facilities, the organization, and the activities it carries on. The complex is fully equipped with various sized offices, a salon, labs, showrooms, a theatre, event spaces, and a convention centre, serving as a hub of interpersonal interactions and a gateway to the world. A variety of knowledge and human resources, such as business people, researchers creators, and ordinary people, are gathered, and a platform of one stop service is provided to support all stages of collaborative activities in one location in an urban central area. In addition, Communicators are stationed as the special staff of Knowledge Capital to facilitate interaction and communication with other exhibitors and the general public.

Among other prizes, Knowledge Capital organizes the World OMOSIROI Awards. Yann Nguema, an artist with whom Atelier Arts Sciences has been working for many years (Pixel Motion, Mécaniques Poétiques, Ballon d’Ez3kiel) received a World Omosiroi Award in 2016.
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