Second GAES (artistic group for scientific exploration) session !

In collaboration with the Multidisciplinary Institute for Artificial Intelligence (MIAI) in Grenoble and the Quai des Savoirs in Toulouse, Hexagone/Atelier Arts Sciences organises a scientific exploration around artificial intelligence for artists. The first session took place in Grenoble from January 25 to 27, 2021 at Atelier Arts Sciences. The second session will take place in Toulouse from June 30th to July 2ndth, 2021 at Quai des Savoirs.

The objective is the transmission of knowledge on the topic of artificial intelligence, given by the invited scientists, to share realities and imaginaries and go beyond collective and individual representations. 9 artists (artistic directors, authors, magicians, digital artists) and 10 scientists (CEA, MIAI, CNRS, UGA) where invited to learn and debate.

While in Grenoble, they discussed on AI related to health, ethics and environment, the same group of artists will deal with AI related to language, mobility and robotics in Toulouse.

We hope that these « training » programs for artists will lead to new exciting projects !

Second professional workshop on AI – June 1st and 2nd, 2021

For its first professional workshop in March 2019, Hexagone/Atelier Arts Sciences brought together several horizons and disciplines : artists, researchers, students, representatives of the Ministry of Education Department. It gave everyone the opportunity to share their vision of AI and how it impacts their work and/or thinking.

For this second session, we would like to refine the question and focus on AI & language. Scientists and academics are invited alongside several artists from the performing arts to discuss and question the Automatic Natural Language Processing, spoken and written. These two days are being prepared in collaboration with MIAI Institute. Detailed program will be soon released.

Conference on AI & Arts – 1st of June 2021

In a world of constant change, much newer than yesterday, but far older than tomorrow, how to reach for new guidance, together with solid foundations ? Political upheaval, social changes, new technologies, new cultural models, a new relationship to the group, to territories, to the body, to languages…we propose to explore new worlds to shape the world anew.

In this conference, Eric Gaussier, director of MIAI Institute and Rocio Berenguer, choregrapher, will talk about how artists deal with artificial intelligence in their work.

The conference is on open and free access at Maison de la Musique de Meylan.

As part of the European Artificial Intelligence Lab project co-funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme