Bionic Orchestra 2.0

EZRA / beatboxer

Bionic Orchestra 2.0 is a musical, visual and interactive project, mingling human beatbox and new technologies.

Artist : EZRA (Vincent Chtaïbi) - Organic Orchestra Co.
IT, electronics and video development coordinator : Thomas Pachoud - Developers Martin Hermant, Ivan Huta, Cyril Laurier - Scenography Maurice L’Ampoule - Video production Romain Tardy (Vj Aalto) - Artistic advisor Florence Loison - Light designer Bruno Teutsch - Graphics Virginie Salvanez

Collaboration within the Atelier Arts Sciences  :
Scientific Advisor Dominique David - Electronics Engineers Laurent Jouanet, Cyril Gobbo - Engineers CEA Séverine Jouanneau and Nelly Martin - - Glove Manufacturers Laury Golliet and Jean Strazzeri - Students from ENSCI - Grenoble.
Organic Orchestra Co. Production

Co-producers : Atelier Arts Sciences / Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences - Meylan and L’Autre Canal - Nancy. With kind support from DRAC - Pays de la Loire, DICRÉAM, General Council in Sarthe, Fonds SCAN, City of Le Mans, and the CNV.

Research Project

The beatboxer Ezra’s new show, the fruition of his residency at Atelier Arts Sciences, tells his own story : the passionate relationship between humans and machines. Ezra, through simple hand gestures, controls the enhancement of his voice, of sound and light which travels in space while he uses an interactive glove designed and tailor-made in collaboration with the Organic Orchestra Co. and the Atelier Arts Sciences. Through a "boosted" beatbox, as both an organic and technological performance, Ezra investigates the question of what we are in this technologically transformed environment. 
In his show within the framework of the Arts Sciences Biennale 2013, at the Maison de la Musique on 4 and 5 October, Ezra will perform solo on stage, accompanied by his team of developers. His non-verbal performance yields room to play on meanings, to provide new research in gesture control and motion sensitivity.

Artistic, technical and scientific team

Ezra, artistic director at Organic Orchestra Co., is an active and renowned member of international beatbox. He has performed on stage throughout the world ; playing solo at some of the most mythical venues in France, such as the Olympia, Cigale, Transmusicales… His natural ability to adapt and his ease on stage, have brought Ezra together with world-class artists (Kid Koala, Bauchklang, Wax Tailor, One self, Socalled…) and allowed him to go on a world-wide tour with the singer Camille. He has been involved in numerous productions blending music, video, dance and scenography, such as the Bionic Orchestra projects, Five Fingers or the Fabrique Immatérielle and the Hey Company !

Besides the stage, he is also devoted to developing his discipline through workshops at schools, prisons, hospitals, and music conservatories. He has also participated in university research and since 2005, in developing a beatboxer network in France which organises powerful, unifying events, such as the French Beatboxer Championship. For over four years now, Ezra has been working with Bionic Orchestra engineers on an enhanced beatboxer principle through the design of devices that transcend voice and allow to control sound, light and video from the stage.

Thomas Pachoud - IT, Electronics and Video Development Coordinator.
Holding an engineering degree from IMAC, Thomas is a programmer and video technician at several theatre and dance companies (Blanca Li Co, Mabel Octobre Co, Australian Dance Theater...). At the Organic Orchestra Company, Thomas serves as Technical Director, developing video applications, gesture capture and light control during the shows as well.

Martin Hermant

 IT and electronics engineer graduated from INPG Grenoble, Martin is co-founder of the digital company, Un des sens and acts as new technology technician in several productions, such as Interface (Un des sens - Danse Augmentée), Bionic Orchestra 2.0, Tarentella (mobilis immobilis - Robe interactive). At the Organic Orchestra Co., Martin is in charge of the Bionic Looper as well as of gesture caption data processing.

Ivan Huta - spatial applications developer. 

Holding an engineering degree from IMAC, Ivan is a web programmer.
 At the Organic Orchestra Company, he is in charge of developing innovative devices for sound spatialisation, enabling the artist to control sound through his gestures.

Cyril Laurier - IT development controller at the Organic Orchestra Co.
Holding a PhD from Music Technology Group in Barcelona (Institute similar to IRCAM), Cyril is researcher and developer in music technologies specialised in real-time audio programming, music analysis and artificial intelligence.

The production team will incorporate as of April 2013 :

Romain Tardy (Vj Aalto) Video Production
Florence Loison Artistic Advisor
Bruno Teutsch Light Designer
Virginie Salvanez Graphic Designer

Scientific Advisor at Ateliers Arts Sciences Dominique David
Electronic engineers Laurent Jouanet, Cyril Gobbo
Percussion engineers : Séverine Jouanneau et Nelly Martin

Glove manufacturers : Laury Golliet et Jean Strazzeri

Students from ENSCI Grenoble

On Tour

Dates in 2013/2014 - Bionic Orchestra 2.0
04 and 05 October 2013 : Rencontres-i, Arts Sciences Biennale / Maison de la Musique Meylan
09 November 2013 : Festival Ars Numerica / M.A, Scène nationale in Montbéliard

November 2013 : Les Chantiers de l’Oasis in Le Mans
30 November 2013 : L’Autre Canal in Nancy
10 and 11 December 2013 : Le Théâtre, Scène nationale in St Nazaire
08 April 2014 : Festival Les Composites, Théâtre de Compiègne

Contact :
Anais Fotinatos : Production and Program Coordinator

Cie Organic Orchestra
35 rue de Degré, 72000 Le Mans

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