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EZ3KIEL - Le ballon

The EZ3kiel group was in residency at the Atelier Arts Sciences for over two years with two research projects :
Developing a communicating object : le ballon
- An interactive exhibition :

Poetic Mechanics

The balloon

The EZ3kiel musicians, in residency at the Atelier Arts Sciences and in collaboration with the CEA-LETI research engineers, worked jointly on an interactive object, which could communicate with the audience. A balloon equipped with MEMS sensors (accelerometers and magnetometers) used at certain points of the concert allows the generation of sound and image according to movements triggered by the audience.

Teams : Scientists and Artists

Scientists :
- Angelo Guiga, Senior Technician
Laboratory of Micro and Nano System-based Material Functionalisation-CEA

Balloon Project Director :
- Philippe Klein, engineer, Laboratoire SYMCA - CEA
- Yanis Caritu, iengineer, MOVEA
- Dominique David, engineer, CEA-Service MOC

Artists :
- Yann Nguema, Matthieu Fays, Joan Guillon and Stéphane Babiaud
Video of the concert at Hexagone in March 2008

Le ballon - EZ3kiel - Résidence à l’Atelier... par Atelier-Arts-Sciences

View video of the concert at the Cigale, Paris 18 March 2008
View video of the concert at the Fusion Festival 2009 in Germany


Quickly associated with the French Dub style, the EZ3kiel music group sets itself apart from this trend in music. "Naphtaline", their multimedia show and "Battlefield" released in January are proof of this difference. Blending with acoustic styles and electronic inspirations to create a unique approach to music while contrasting "modernity" and what’s "dated", the puzzling and definitely charming EZ3kiel style doesn’t fit any music category.
"We like blending different atmospheres, mixing naiveté and severity", say the four members of the group. And the magic has come alive. Combining tracks of melancholy sprinkled with sounds of electro-crackling and machine-induced brutal lyrical overwhelmingness, EZ3kiel explores and breaks new grounds to frighten before soothing.
It’s a fabulous journey charged with anachronism, violence and magic.
Visuals, rooted in a truly personal world, developed all through the years by the bassist, are being juxtaposed in the EZ3kiel music. The group’s style is defined by easily combining precision and concern for details, paintings, fabrics, and old gadgets with today’s new technologies ; the EZ3kiel brand, originating from this very distinct visual world.
Their concerts, staging their imaginary world, forged their fame and reputation.
Using new technologies as tools for their art, they project animated images and videos creating a world of music and graphics merged in one. They go further with this experience by using an interactive balloon, developed in collaboration with CEA-LETI Minatec research engineers.
EZkiel, the acoustic harmony in the electronic world.

YANN NGUEMA - Media Artist, Bassist, Graphic Artist
Holding a "Diplôme National Supérieur d’Etudes Plastiques", Yann Nguema has been playing music and designing visuals for the EZ3kiel group since the age of eighteen. Practising in parallel and overlapping sound and visuals has become at an early stage the core principle of his art, founding step by step its particularity and consistency. Yann Nguema has moved, on the music side, from the bass guitar to programming and composing, while on the visual side, from image to video, then from light effects to multimedia and finally, from interactive images to installations.
His typical visuals have of course animated the EZ3kiel tours, but also the Turin Olympic Games on behalf of the French Ski Federation, the festival "Transmusicales de Rennes" and communication devices during the Rencontres-i Festivals. He has conceived EZ3kiel’s Poetic Mechanics, interactive installations.

STÉPHANE BABIAUX - Percussionist, Drummer
Nurtured on piano, vocals, drums and percussions in his young years, a try-everything type of person. After a few years at a music conservatory and in several emerging music groups, such as Hemp (1993-2000), Hutchinson (discovered at the "Transmusicales de Rennes" in 2004), the Ducoin Orchestra, Sire K, Stéphane joined the EZ3kiel group in 2006 as an invited, then as a permanent member. He has gathered musicians and directed the big ensemble for the "Naphtaline" concert at Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Science - Meylan.

JOAN GUILLON - Guitarist, Programmer
Guitars, synthesisers, samplers, computers are the basic tools that this instrumentalist composer uses.
Author of most EZ3kiel productions.

Drummer since the age of seventeen, together with Yann Nguéma, EZ3kiel group founder.

  • CEA-Leti Grenoble Researchers

Angelo Guiga
Specialized in computer, electronic, optical and magnetic sciences, Angelo Guiga has built his scientific career combining a wide range of fields starting from nuclear fuel, through infra-red technology to DCIS Systems. He is also interested in astronomy, robotics... and science fiction ! Countless domains hosting dreams and imagination led Angelo Guiga towards the Poetic Mechanics by EZ3kiel.

Dominique David
Engineer at SUPELEC, Doctor in Signal Processing Habilitated research director for senior CEA Experts in data processing (at CEA since 1985), he ensures a scientific perspective and overall research management. Has conducted research in various fields, always at the human-electronics interface (vision and image processing, biochips, motion sensors.) In collaboration with Michel Ida, he was one of the initiators of the MINATEC IDEAs Laboratory®, where he has been an advocate of electronics to be as much integrated in our life as a sheet of paper or a pen. Has instigated technologies with regard to movement capture developed during the EZ3kiel’s group Poetic Mechanics residency. He is also a musician.

Roland Blanpain - Director at Microsystems and Communicating Objects Department
Sylvian Baquet - Research Engineer
Jean-Yves Castellan - Prototype Manager (La Madone Theremin)
Laurent Jouannet - Technician (Le piano quart de corps)
Laure Péris - Trainee Engineer
Antoine Robinet - Research Engineer (La Madone Theremin)
Jean-Rémi Savel - Technician
Thierry Thomas - Research Engineer (L’orgue à flacons)

  • ERASME Researchers

Digital innovation centre in the Department of Rhône. They investigate possibilities arising from emerging technologies like the internet of things, natural interfaces, mobile internet, social networks. They invent, put forward and validate new applications in the public sector. In tune with real user needs and in line with leading-edge innovation fields, ERASME holds a key position to conceive user-focused services, driven by continuous reinvention. Their projects are all anchored in the reality of the Department of Rhône, involving numerous partners from public as well as from private sectors and associations.

Michel Blanc - Engineer
System and Network Administrator at ERASME Centre, electronic microcircuit developer and builder, he’s been establishing communication between objects and people using new interfaces. A globe enabling us to discover Inuits at our fingertips, localisation sensors to learn more on what’s in the museums and a lot more. Tolerant Linuxian and active free community contributor, passionate and curious about countless areas, Michel Blanc is ready to offer all his skills, from soldering iron to his in-depth knowledge of bicycles, to bring projects to their end...

Yves-Armel-Martin - Director at ERASME
Christophe Monnet - Production Manager

EZ3kiel on Tour

Extended - Tour 2012
05/04 Université de Caen / Amphi Daure Caen, France
06/04 Ouverture Dunkerque Capitale Régionale de la culture // Quai de Leith Dunkirk, France
13/04 LES ARTEFACTS / La Laiterie Strasbourg, France
25/04 Moulin Marseille, France
26/04 La Rodia Besancon, France
27/04 THEATRE JACQUES COEUR Bourges, France
27/04 Printemps de Bourges - Théâtre Jacques Coeur Bourges, France
28/04 Le Trianon Paris, France

EZ3kiel - Tour 2011
du 14.02.11 au 27.02.11 - MONTPELLIER - Carré Ste Anne
du 21.03.11 au 09.04.11 - AMBARES - Pôle culturel Evasion
du 03.05.11 au 21.05.11 - EVRY - Théâtre de l’Agora
du 27.05.11 au 03.07.11 - TOURS - Château de Tours

07/02 ORLEANS Astrolabe
08/02 LAVAL Festival Foin d’Hiver
09/02 CAEN Le Cargo
12/02 RENNES L’Antipode
13/02 ANGERS Le Chabada
15/02 LA ROCHE SUR YON Le Fuzz’Yon
16/02 ANGOULEME La Nef
20/02 BRIANCON MJC Babylone
23/02 TOULON Oméga Live
29/02 LA ROCHELLE / AYTRE maison Georges Brassens
01/03 TULLE Les Lendemains qui chante
07/03 AVIGNON L’Akwaba
08/03 BOURG EN BRESSE La Tannerie
13/03 ANNECY Le Brise Glace
14/03 MEYLAN - Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences - Meylan
15/03 VIVIERS centre culturel de Viviers
18/03 PARIS La Cigale
20/03 CLERMONT FERRAND La coopérative de Mai
21/03 CREON (33) festival Le Festin
22/03 AGEN Le Florida
23/03 MARSEILLE Cabaret Aléatoire
24/03 NICE Au Méditérannée"Acropolis
26/03 COLMAR Le Grillen
27/03 NANCY L’autre Canal
28/03 REIMS La Cartonnerie
29/03 BOURGOIN JALLIEU Aux Abattoirs
02/04 DIJON La Vapeur
05/04 MORLAIX Festival Panorama
10/04 MONTPELLIER Le Rockstore
11/04 ALZONNE (11) FESTIVAL Hace Calor
12/04 FIRMINY (42) Festival Air Jeunes 2008
17/04 GENEVE (CH) L’Usine / MApping festival
19/04 BOURGES Printemps de Bourges
23/04 BLOIS le Chato’do
26/04 PERPIGNAN La Casamusicale
03/05 BESANCON Festival Herbe en zik
09/05 FRIBOURG (CH) Le Nouveau Monde
10/05 CHAUX-DE-FONDS (CH) Bikini test
14/05 BRUXELLES Les Nuits Botaniques
22/05 ANGERS Tours de scène
23/05 TOULOUSE Le Bikini
24/05 BERGERAC Le Rocksane
29/05 LILLE L’Aéronef
30/05 VOISIN LE BRETONNEUX La tour prend l’air
01/06 SAINTE MARIE AUX MINES (68) C dans la vallée
06/06 LYON Transbordeur
13/06 ONET LE CHATEAU (12) Skabazac festival
15/06 VERNEUIL EN HALATTE (60) Mix Up Festival
26/06 NEUSTRELITZ (D) Fusion festival
28/06 EVREUX Le rock dans tous ces états
02/07 ORLEANS Festival Jour J
04/07 LA SOUTERRAINE (23) festival BDcibels
05/07 MONTENDRE (17) Free Music Festival
12/07 TOURS festival Tours de son
17/07 DOUR (B) Festival de Dour
18/07 BRIOUZE Festival Arts sonic
19/07 BOURNEZEAU Festival le Chant de foire
20/07 AUXERRE Festival aux Zarbs
25/07 MALSETROIT (56) Festival Au Pont Du Rock
26/07 DOUZY (08) Rock Festival
01/08 LA GARDE (83) Kality Street Festival
02/08 SELESTAT (67) Lez’arts Sceniques
24/08 CORSEPT (44) Festival Couvre Feu
29/08 TRELINS (42) Foreztival
02/09 LJUBLJANA (Slovénie)
06/09 LE MANS Festival Teriaki
2 dates Création Hint-EZ3kiel
18/09 LYON Festival Riddim collision
19/09 ANNECY Le Brise Glace
20/09 NANTES festival Scopitone
26/09 BOURGES Emmetrop
27/09 STRASBOURG Festival Ososphère
03/10 CHAUMONT salle du complexe culturel
04/10 ISTRES L’Usine
11/10 BOULOGNE SUR MER Le Poulpaphone
15/10 ROUEN Théatre Duchamp-villon
17/10 LAVAL Le 6par4
25/10 BREST La Carene
31/10 VENDÔME Les Rockomotives
01/11 CHEMILLE (49) Théâtre « Le Foirail »
05/11 PARIS La Cigale
10/11 LORIENT Festival Les Indisciplinées
15/11 AUBENAS hall des sports
20/11 BORDEAUX Théâtre Femina
21/11 RENNES La Cité
22/11 CHERBOURG L’Agora
29/11 MONTBELLIARD Le Jules Vernes
12/12 POITIERS Le Confort Moderne
13/12 TOULOUSE Le Bikini