Driven by the spirit of sharing and permitting new encounters, the Arts Sciences Biennale 2011, for the first time, hosts the Experimenta exhibition, an experimental space displaying technological devices that have applications in the fields of live performances, graphic arts, creative industries (graphic art, design, communication), with benefits to education and scientific culture.

Atelier Arts Sciences, Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences - Meylan, Ars Electronica Center, CEA Leti, CEA Liten, INES, MINATEC IDEAs Laboratory®, MINATEC, INRIA, University Joseph Fourier, ICM, University Pierre Mendès-France, Erasme-Centre Multimédia du Rhône, ENSCI Les Ateliers, CCSTI Grenoble-La Casemate, La Source, Fontaine, Maison de la musique de Meylan.

The Atelier Arts Sciences and Ars Electronica Center are both dedicated to observing, co-developing and demonstrating new technologies that join with digital arts and involve the audience in this fascinating approach. In the spirit of sharing this common mission, we are proud to be the international guest at the Rencontres-i 2011 Arts Sciences Biennale and to be able to exhibit breakthrough models at the Experimenta exhibition.


Medusa, Prototype and luminescent costume

A choreographer and a costumer displaying prototype costumes made of smart textile (LED ribbon), being developed for their next dance performance, "Medusa".

Marion Mercier and Béatriz Acuna, Adelante Company (in collaboration with Les Scènes Phosphorescentes)/CEA Leti
Atelier Arts Sciences co-production

Hand navigator

The Hand Navigator is a device allowing to manually manipulate objects in a virtual world, thanks to a 3D mouse with a set of detectors on its top. Ergonomic and design studies have allowed to improve the device by creating several more and more user-friendly prototypes.

INRIA, Équipe-Projet ÉVASION

Remote (À distances)

Interactive LED screen capturing movement up to 10m in distance. These "pixel sensors" allow us to have a glimpse at various interactive dedicated usages and writing.

Samuel Bianchini, University of Valenciennes/EnsAD Lab
Atelier Arts Sciences co-production

Design and Light

Students of the École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle (School for Industrial Design) have designed a model at the intersection between design and light by exploiting the properties of the luminophore and techniques of light on thin-films.
ENSCI Les Ateliers / CEA Liten. Coproduction Atelier Arts-Sciences


Two artistic installations that illustrate a novel way of producing movement in artistic productions and in visual communication using the eMotion software, a live IT animation tool processing signals from the real world.
Adrien M / Claire B

Air NFC table top

Interactive touch-screen table specially designed for restaurants (menus, client recognition, games for children) open to multiple graphical environments.

Aestem Studio

Aesthetics Modelling Studio, an intuitive 3D modelling software based on a sketch-like metaphor allowing to create complex forms by successively mixing volumes, or by sculpture/modelling-type metaphors.


An expressive game using constraint-free gestures and gestures imposed by an instrument and physical laws behind sound production. Paired with devices capturing movement, and exploring the concept of gestural writing.

Dominique David. Coproduction Atelier Arts-Sciences

Picturae 2.0

Picturae 2.0 allows tangible virtual painting. It is inspired by techniques used in drawing, painting, graffiti, printing... integrating them into digital processing, which opens the possibility of infinite extensions offering a totally breakthrough experience to the user.
L’unijambiste company / Taprik
> http://taprik.net

Battery Rucksack (Sac à dos batteries)

A video projector attached to a battery in a rucksack is a source for all movements street artists perform, while projecting images of their show on city walls. They have started to collaborate with CEA Liten in order to improve battery performance.



Based on Magic Pad technology, this installation offers to transform large printed surfaces into interactive media (light and sound) able to capture human movement by photo detection.
Laurent Jamet, CEA ISORG. Atelier Arts-Sciences co-production


Allowing to create learning process scenarios involving individual and collective aspects, as well as the concept of skill sharing. (MuseoLab 3 installation).

Centre expérimental multimédia Erasme

Photo-luminescent face & light paths (Visage photo-luminiscent & guides de lumière)

Combined with technology of diffusing light on thin-film, the changing properties of chromatophores reveal a human face, which changes depending on the spectrum of light. Prototype stemming from a phase of research in Pascal and Aurélie Baltazar’s project. ("L’Ecorce du Vent", Atelier Arts Sciences residency.)

Gilles Le Blevennec, CEA Liten

Design et eMotion

A team of students at the ENSCI offers an interactive and immersive installation at the interface between design, video and the eMotion software by Adrien Mondot.

ENSCI Les Ateliers/Adrien Mondot. Atelier Arts Sciences co-production


Interactive sofa offering a new type of interaction with video games or controls


Planeterrella : facing light (La Planeterrella : face à la lumière)

Aurora borealis simulator. "Behind the science revealed in the experiment by Planeterrella, there lies poetry in a painting of light, being constantly reinvented."

Jennifer Anderson, Ithéré Company/Jean Lilensten, IPAG. Atelier Arts Sciences co-production.

Holographic Colours (Couleurs holographiques)

Creating colour in its purest state. Optical components with spectral functionality of providing transparent and reflecting colour effects on all shapes and materials.

EXOHR. Coproduction Atelier Arts-Sciences

Musical Dice (Les dés de musique)

Technology module inspired by the Midsummer Night’s Dream, a stage production combining Shakespeare and digital arts. Objective : bringing to life on stage the magical fairy world of Shakespeare’s play, while actors play with music, video and light manipulating interactively the props.

David Gauchard, L’Unijambiste Company / Taprik


Software demonstration around the Kinect de Xbox allowing remote interaction by simple hand movements.


Magic Pad

A 3D interface technology demonstrator with no contact, for new multimedia usage integrating technologies in organic electronics, on plastic and glass.

Laurent Jamet, CEA ISORG


Mapping knowledge, increasing our attention span. Using an interface linked to the internet of objects in order to simplify the process of switching back and forth between content production and transmitting it, in the limited time of a lesson. (MuseoLab 3 installation).
Centre expérimental multimédia Erasme

Sun Bottle & Sun Fountain (Bouteille de soleil & Fontaine solaire)

A pedagogical and portable solar energy system made by the Institut National de l’Énergie Solaire, in collaboration with Nicolas Vanier with the aim of raising awareness about consumption and available natural resources.


Next ideas & Sim Linz

Sim Linz is the futuristic prototype of an urban interactive system using geo-information in order to explore city planning in Linz (Austria) since 1950.

With Next Ideas, the audience will be able to meet the laureates of the Prix Ars Electronica 2011. Each year, the prize rewards projects that imagine the future.

Ars Electronica Center, Linz


Interactive model aiming at simulating a city in real time. Dasein Interactions offer urban project managers and contractors new solutions for mediation.

Nicolas Géraud, Dasein Interactions

In 2009, 2010 and 2011, the Atelier Arts Sciences was supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).