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Discover the film ! An installation presented as part of EXPERIMENTA, la biennale Arts Sciences 2020


The company KompleX KapharnaüM attempts through its projects to transform public space into a scenic space and experiments with different ways of occupying this space. It provokes encounters, blurs borders and re-routes special areas. Migration – Sunshine Architecture is an architectural kit that is deployed in the town or city, reaching out to meet its inhabitants and welcoming different artistic forms into its midst. The structure is equipped with printed photovoltaic surfaces and flexible batteries, making it possible to capture and store energy so that it can be used to serve the activities that the structure houses. Once charged, the battery panels can be moved and used for different activities. The installation explores the idea of energy autonomy but also questions the apparent easy access to energy by offering choices to the spectator : to supply power to a sound system, light up a ball or make a coffee, etc.
The PRESTIGE* residency enabled the company to focus specifically on two materials under development within the scope of this European project : flexible organic batteries and photovoltaic surfaces.

Stéphane Bonnard, joint artistic director of Komplex KapharnaüM
Research fellows
Antoine Latour, CEA-Liten, Laboratoire Composants et Surfaces Fonctionnalisées — Thibault Gutel, Jérémie Salomon, ingénieur chercheur CEA-Liten / Laboratoire des Composants pour Batterie — Mari Ylikunnari, chercheure VTT Finlande

In residency at the Atelier Arts Sciences.