Daniel Danis


Artistic project

Daniel Danis continuously inquires about what shapes our thinking, our imagination, our dreams and finally the way we live. "I do not have a scientific mindset but I am driven by an insatiable desire for an understanding of what really happens when we think, invent, search and discover ; should it be writing a play or making a scientific discovery.” In his art, he experiments and innovates, drawing on findings in science and technology. "Working as a playwright has led me very early to inquire about how inner structures of writing emerge and to find different ways of writing and speaking to the audience. Actually, since I started to write, I have been constantly conducting research, just like a scientist. Meeting the Atelier in Grenoble is a new step in this quest. "

At the end of the residency Daniel Danis will present Traces (provisional title), a sound and poetic installation drawing on numerous encounters with researchers.

Daniel Danis

Living in Saguenay, Daniel Danis is the author of over ten theatre plays.

In 1993, for his first play, Celle-là, he receives the Governor General’s Literary Award of Canada. His second play, Cendres de cailloux, is awarded by Le Masque for the best original text and the Radio-France International Award. For the Langue-à-Langue des chiens de roche in 2002, he receives for the second time the Governor General’s Literary Award of Canada. In 2007, he is awarded for the third time the Governor General’s Literary Award for the play entitled Le Chant du Dire-Dire (produced at the l’Espace Go in the Spring of 1998 and at the Théâtre de la Colline in Paris in September 1999). In 2006, the Grand Prix de littérature dramatique is awarded to E (e, roman-dit) in the category of francophone plays. In 2010, for the play Terre océane, Daniel Danis is nominated for the Molières Prize in the category of Contemporary Francophone Authors.

La Trilogie des flous published by l’Arche (2010)

Daniel Danis has written for young audiences : Le Pont de pierres et la Peau d’images, Kiwi, Sous un ciel de chamaille and Bled. In 2008, Kiwi is awarded with three prizes : the Louise-LaHaye Prize, by CEAD Diffusion, the Deutscher Jugendtheaterpreis and the AbitibiBowater Literary Prize (Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean Book Fair).

Daniel Danis lives in Quebec where his company is in residency at the Caserne Dalhousie. He is currently writing and directing his new play, Yukie, a theatre-movie presented at the Carrefour international de Théâtre festival in Quebec in June 2010.

His plays are published by L’Arche Editeur (Le Chant du Dire-Dire, Le Langue-à-Langue des chiens de roche, E, Bled, Kiwi, Sous un ciel de chamaille, Terre océane), by Actes Sud-Papiers/Leméac (Celle-là and Cendres de cailloux) and by L’Ecole des Loisirs (Le Pont de pierres et la peau d’images). They are translated and performed throughout the world.

Scientifiques rencontrés :

Au CEA Grenoble :
Patrick Boisseau (DTBS), Emmanuel Hadji (Inac), Amal Chabli (Leti), Jean Rémy Savel (Liten), Anne Karine Froment (Liten), Francis Bertrand (Arc Nucléart), Didier Louis (Leti), Daphné Berny (IRTSV), Alain Farchi (Minatec), Robert Morel (Inac) ; Lionel Duband (Inac), Y. Chenavier et C. Gateau (Inac), Marylin Vantard (IRTSV) et Aurélien Barrau (CNRS), Thierry Ménissier (UPMF)