Symposium 2013

Artistic Creativity, Digital Technology and Education

Friday 11 October 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Maison MINATEC - Grenoble
Organised in the framework of the Rencontres-i Arts-Sciences Biennale 2013 and EXPERIMENTA

Insights in "Artistic creativity, digital technology and education", a theme put forward by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences and the Atelier Arts Sciences.
The emergence of unprecedented artistic practices interfacing graphic arts, performing arts (theatre, music, dance, circus...) and innovative technologies thoroughly challenges practices and content in education for artists as well as for engineers. Drawing on testimonials by artists, scientists and educational specialists, the symposium will highlight initiatives and experiences in education and through a multidisciplinary approach, will yield new insights and solutions to developing connections between arts, sciences and technology in favour of artistic productions.
The symposium will tackle the issues of integrating digital tools into the artistic education curriculum and developing synergies between art schools, engineering, scientific and technology schools. The symposium will compare different approaches with focus on political factors and necessary measures for their implementation.

First round-table : "Changes in artistic professions and education : adapting higher education"
Second round-table : "How to develop collaboration between artists and scientists in higher education ?"
Moderator : Marc Le Glatin

Practical information :

Free attendance and meals only in case of registering before 3 October

Reduced fee in case of symposium and performance combination :

Symposium + Flute ! Quelle équation : €5 (subject to availability)
Symposium + La Terza Luce : €16 adults and €9,50 students
Symposium + Flute ! Quelle équation and La Terza Luce : €21 adults and €14,50 students (subject to availability)

The Symposium includes a free visit of the EXPERIMENTA exhibit.

Supported by the Direction générale de la création artistique of the Ministry of Culture. Sincere thanks to the Steering Committee.
In partnership with the "Promising" programme (Investing in the future).

More information : Marie Perrier - +33 (0)4 38 78 19 59