Acrylic Digital painting

Residency involving an innovative digital technology developed at CEA-Leti

Artist : Matt B

Associated researchers :
Tristan Hautson , Clément Rosset, Elisabeth Rousset, Guilhem Sauvagnac, Jean-Luc Vallejo (CEA-Leti)

Residency project involving an innovative digital technology developed at CEA-Leti, where several visual artists will be invited to produce hybrid artworks at the borderlines between material and digital worlds.

MATT B, emerging visual artist with a background in street art, is invited to test this technology at the EXPERIMENTA 2012.

To read : Alliance between the latest technology and an ancestral artistic act by Christiane Dampne, journalist

Matt B

Born on 26 Novmber 1977
Lives and works in Aix les Bains, France

Matt B is a self-taught artist living and working in Aix les Bains. Very young, he animates walls with graffiti. He produces more and more elaborate frescos, finds his voice in drawing, illustration, painting and tries out sculpture. Testing everything and passionate about creativity, he moves from one tool or art form to another making his ultimate choice a brush and canvas. Since 2002, Matt B has been continuously producing new artwork. Devoting more and more of his life to his art has become self-evident to him. In 2007, in parallel to his work, he started to produce "live performances, which prove to be unique opportunities for self-accomplishment and for testing his creativity in front of an audience." In his atelier today, he paints on canvas and is interested in engraving as well as in new forms of creativity. An artist with an abundant dreamlike vision, driven by creativity and artistic experimentation of all kinds.

"When I begin, I let inspiration direct me and draw on the canvas with pure passion. I like tracing my lines without any particular thought, distorting my objects, playing with tools, materials... My lines are guided by imagining future connections between characters, wondering how they will reflect on themselves through their look and movements. A discussion, a shared experience is being born. Involving pain and joy. I like painting our mystic side, the gloomy imagery that we all hide in ourselves. Just as if I was painting dream-like visions, unconscious and hidden images from our lives.

The themes of my paintings revolve around the human body, particularly around women. My artwork is a hymn to womankind. My lines attempt to be complicated and twisted, setting one’s imagination in motion.

My ideas, the composition, its perspectives and objects are refined as the painting evolves. The painting’s final identity is captured and transcribed. At this stage, there is no way to turn back, it is too late to change perspectives. I start following one particular and simple code system, which helps me stay on track without getting lost in my painting. I set high standards and become an absolute perfectionist. I practically become obsessed with details, aesthetics and fineness of lines. Time involved or the number of attempts does not matter. What I am only interested in, is to be satisfied with the result.

"I play with emotions, I paint my feelings. While becoming absorbed in the twists and turns of the painting ignites a flow of consciousness, contemplating my painting becomes an introspection. Each and every view will spark a different, new, unexpected perception yielding to self-questioning. Everyone will find his or her own, unique and personal interpretation of the painting. Matt B
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