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ÆLI : an intelligent lamp

During the week of 22 to 26th January, Frédéric Deslias, stage director, Laura Couto Rosado, designer, Ben Kupper and Vincent Palumbo developers and Laurence Boudet, engineer at CEA/LIST assembled at Atelier Arts Sciences to finalize the ÆLI prototype.


is an intelligent lamp ; it observes us and depending on the distance and our movements, bursts into emotion. Thanks to its motion detector, ÆLI maps our emotions using colours. Each colour corresponds to a different mood.
The last stretch before the Salon EXPERIMENTA ; assembling the electronics of the LED matrix, adjusting the audiovisual interaction scenarios and last but not least, coding the scenarios of the Artificial Intelligence.

As Frédéric Deslias puts it : "AELI has our capacity to project life into digital objects."