The Rencontres-i Arts Sciences Biennales are events convened by Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences - Meylan and put in place in collaboration with artists and scientists in the Grenoble region with the aim to imagine the future in a new light.
They assemble partners from the world of culture, science and industry. Together with other educational, political bodies, unions and associations, they aim to stimulate imagination behind action, boosting the region’s inhabitants’ imagination, while focusing on
a specific theme.
Over time, the Rencontres-i have taken root in the cultural landscape of the agglomeration and the region. They promote our region’s innovations both nationally and internationally. For over ten years, they have been exploring different tracks where art and science intersect, which have found prolific grounds in the Grenoble region. Although connections between artists and scientists yield surprising projects, our main interest lies in finding out how this relationship can pollinate and enrich further fields of activities in our region, such as industry, education, urbanism, leisure activities, tourism...

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